Pick-up Delivery

This service allows Physical products bought from our online shop to be delivered to the customer at the lowest cost (We, MYCYBERTELLER shall handle immediate delivery via Waybill). Our Pick-up delivery is done by Waybill to any part of the country across pick-up locations of the following logistics company, ABC CARGO EXPRESS, GOD IS GOOD LOGISTICS, PEACE MASS TRANSIT, AGOFURE PARCEL SERVICES, DELTA LINE, AKTC, IFEX EXPRESS, THE YOUNG SHALL GROW, CHISCO, C.N. OKOLI, CROSS COUNTRY. At the point of collection, the customer will be required to present the following prove of evidence:

  • The correct Waybill No to crossmatch your package
  • A recognised Government-issued ID. (e.g Voter's Card)
  • A valid telephone number for extra verification
  • The full name of the sender...we will provide it.

Take advantage of our Pick-up delivery and enjoy shopping. The service is fast and you don't have to pay too much for the convenience.


Fee: Paid by the customer

Courier: DHL, UPS, FEDEX

Duration: 2-5 business day

Returns & Exchanges

We inspect all items before shipping to guarantee that they are in perfect working condition. We may accept returns under the below policy;

  • Within 3 days of the delivery date
  • Items must be in the original and sellable pack
  • All product tags must be attached

  • We cannot accept returns for damage associated with customers error