Steps to change your date of birth after NYSC online registration to the date of birth submitted for your WAEC registration:

1. Purchase/buy the WAEC Verification PIN from us
2. Login with your e-mail and password by clicking on - Resume Registration link on the NYSC registration portal.
This would present your dashboard to you.
3. Click on - change date of birth menu. A new page will pop up for you.
4. Fill the form and submit your entries.

Change your NYSC Online Registration incorrect date of birth with WAEC details by using WAEC VERIFICATION PIN today
Buy WAEC Verification PIN online from us at the cheapest rate, without any extra fee, we deliver instantly at the point of purchase immediately after successful online payment with your ATM or Direct Bank Deposit. No delay! This means you can do this as soon as you notice the problem while doing your NYSC Online Registration.

Be Aware:
WAEC VERIFICATION PIN is a way to verify Candidate's information electronically. This isn't for reducing your age. Beware of anybody who will promise you to reduce your age. It's fake and impossible.
WAEC VERIFICATION PIN is meant to confirm the age you provided to WAEC during the registration. This means that while JAMB or your institution provides NYSC with your date of birth, there might be disagreement in your real age which can be verified with WAEC VERIFICATION PIN.

Purchase/buy the WAEC VERIFICATION PIN now before it's late. Don't miss the service year.

Source: MyCyberteller e-News

This news was updated on Jul 18, 2017.