Migrating to other bouquet on Startimes decoder may be executed in two methods:
1. Go to any Startimes office to migrate to any bouquet of your choice.
2. Migrating to other bouquet can be doneusing your mobile phone.
Available Bouquet on Startimes Decoder on our site are Nova Bouquet (N950 per month as of 7-07-2017), 26+ channels and Basic Bouquet (N1370 per month as of 7-07-2017), 36+ channels.

The way to migrate to other Bouquet
To migrate from one bouquet to another, use the codes below respectively, through SMS from your mobile phone.
NOVA BOUQUET: Text CC#Smart Card Number#PIN#N to 32055
BASIC BOUQUET: Text CC#Smart Card Number#PIN#B to 32055
CLASSIC BOUQUET: Text CC#Smart Card Number#PIN#C to 32055
UNIQUE BOUQUET: Text CC#Smart Card Number#PIN#U to 32055

Note: In case you omit the bouquet code #B / #C / #U, for instance: Sending, CC#Smart Card Number#PIN to 32055 this code will only recharge your present bouquet but not migrate to other bouquet.

Send the code from your mobile phone with any of these networks; MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT, or VISAFONE.

Source: MyCyberteller e-News

This news was updated on Jul 17, 2017.