When MultiChoice introduced the scratch card method of payment for GOtv subscription, most Nigerians found it difficult to adapt to the new trend. For several months, people kept complaining of transactions via scratch cards not reflecting in their GOtv accounts. However on closer look, we found out that most customers use incorrect codes or type wrongly while loading their scratch cards. Most people never knew the way to load GOtv scratch cards for subscription properly.

Truthfully speaking, using the scratch card is one of the most convenient ways of recharging your GOtv. Now MultiChoice has disclosed the new code for recharging GOtv using the mobile scratch card. This new technology that is carried out via SMS is very easy and has proven to be very efficient. With this new technique, you get instant results within two to five minutes of loading the scratch card. Once done properly while your decoder is switched on, this technique not only credits your account but also instantly reconnects your channels for this reason.

I will show you how to load GOtv scratch cards for subscription using the new SMS code. However, some things need to be executed right. Always purchase your GOtv Scratch cards from us. Secondly, make sure you switch to your GOtv decoder, set it on any subscribed channel before loading the recharge card. This can make sure your decoder is successfully reconnected and your channels restored.

Now let us get to the business of the day;
To recharge yourGOtv: simply send text message, RC space GOTV space IUC NUMBER space PIN and send to 30333.
For example, RC GOTV 2010000000 884512541545 and send to 30333.

You can send this SMS from any mobile phone line irrespective of the particular phone number you registered your GOtv account with. As soon as the payment pulls through, a confirmation SMS would be sent to you notifying you of the successful transaction and seconds later, your channels come alive.

Let us note this! If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan or bouquet, please make sure you call customer care after this transaction anytime but before the end of that day. This is necessary to make sure your account is readjusted to bill accordingly and the proper value of service given for your money. You may also visit any MultiChoiceor GOtv outlet nearby to have your account upgraded or downgraded accordingly.

If you have been stressing yourself visiting GOtv payment offices whenever you want to recharge, this new technology has come to help you reduce that stress. Give it a try today!

Source: MyCyberteller e-News

This news was updated on Jul 14, 2017.