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Nabteb A-level Pin and Serial No will grant you
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1. Start by using the NABTEB Offline Biometric Data Capture Software
2. Download NABTEB Offline Biometric Data Capture Software by clicking 'Here'
3. On successful Biometric Data Capture, proceed to "NABTEB eRegistration Portal"
4. On the Homepage, click on the link "Nov/Dec Registration" to continue the registration
5. On the next page, carefully read the registration instruction and hit the "Start Here" button
6. On the Login page, enter a valid PIN & Serial No. and click the "Submit" button to proceed accordingly
7. Fill the Registration Form carefully and Submit. Print the Registration Photocard and keep it in a safe place

Please Note: This Pin & Serial No can ONLY be used once for one NABTEB A-LEVEL Nov/Dec eRegistration. Best Wishes & Goodluck!


  • What is Nabteb A-level?

    The NABTEB Advanced Level is a National examination equivalent to IJMB, JUPEB and CAMBRIDGE. NABTEB A LEVEL, like any other A’ Level examination, allows students to secure admission into 200 Level in the University through Direct Entry. Nabteb Advanced Level Examinations includes Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC) and Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC).
  • How much Is NABTEB A-level GCE Registration Form?

    NABTEB A'level Nov/Dec GCE Registration Form Price is N19,800.00, NABTEB Alevel Form can be purchased here at mycyberteller.com/nabteb-a-level-novdec-registration.php with huge Guarantee of 100% FREE Instant Pin delivery of the NABTEB A-level Registration Form Pin number and serial no immediately after successful payment.
  • Is Nabteb A'Level Form out for 2020?

    NABTEB A-level GCE Registration Form for 2020 Nov/Dec is out on sale. The NABTEB A-level GCE Application forms for the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) registration examinations can now be purchased at be purchased at any NABTEB Office nationwide, or visit mycyberteller.com/nabteb-a-level-novdec-registration.php. Candidates that are interested in the 2020 NABTEB Nov/Dec certificate examinations are advise to obtain their NABTEB A-level GCE Registration Pin online.
  • When is NABTEB Gce Registration Deadline?

    The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has not officially announced the closing date for NABTEB A'level Nov/Dec Registration Form. However, Registration is still ongoing... The portal is still open and 2019 NABTEB A-level GCE Form is still on sale on mycyberteller.com.
  • Significance of NABTEB A Level

    You may be asking of What use is NABTEB A-level Results? It is also important to state that the significance of NABTEB A Level cannot be over emphasis. By under going the NABTEB A Level programme and having a good grade in your Nabteb A-level Result or Certificate, you can earn a career opportunity as a trained technician or a business administrator or sales officer. It also afford you the opportunity to secure junior level position (level 5) in different areas of specialization.
  • How can I use my NABTEB A-level to secure admission to the University?

    In situation you wish to further your education, NABTEB A Level is listed as part of Direct Entry qualification by JAMB for students preparing to start their higher education from 200 Level. So, you could sit for NABTEB A Level and gain admission into 200 level of any university, in as much the course you apply for is either Business-related courses (e.g.: Business Administration, Accounting, Banking & Finance, or Management Courses)or Technical-related courses (e.g.: Architecture, Engineering courses, etc). You could also gain direct entry admission to study courses, like: Tourism, Hotel & Hospitality, Cosmetology, etc.
  • How to Register for NABTEB A-level?

    Interested candidates seeking to apply for NABTEB A LEVEL Examinations must possess a minimum of 5 Credits in relevant o-level subjects either WAEC, NECO or NABTEB exams in not more than two sittings. Awaiting result can also apply for the NABTEB A LEVEL Examination.
  • Nabteb A Level Conduct of Examination

    NABTEB A Level Examinations (ANBC & ANTC) is meant to be written by candidates, who already have their O-Level NABTEB (WAEC/NECO) Results. NABTEB ANBC & ANTC certificates are equivalent to OND, NCE, and so on. Thus, with NABTEB A’Level Certificate, in the Labour Market, an applicant is placed on level 5 (especially in the civil service). The NABTEB A LEVEL is conducted once a year for external candidates between November/December every year. The result is released with 60 - 90 days to meet admission requirements of various tertiary institutions.
  • Is NABTEB Alevel Certificates equivalent to OND Result?

    The Nabteb Advanced Level Certificates in Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC) and Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC) are equivalent to OND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB and CAMBRIDGE Examinations Result. NABTEB A-level Certificate has high value both in labour market and in pursuit for Direct Entry admission to 200L in the university. That is to say that, It may also be accepted in some polytechnics for admission purposes for Higher Diploma programme.
  • How to Purchase NABTEB A Level Registration Form Online

    The first procedure to apply for NABTEB A Level programme is to purchase your NABTEB GCE Form. Sales of NABTEB A Level Registration form and registration for NABTEB A Level is usually the same time frame with NABTEB O-LEVEL Form. The NABTEB GCE Examination Registration period runs every year between August to October for NABTEB Private candidate enrollment. NABTEB A LEVEL GCE Registration Form is N19,800.00. Nabteb alevel registration pin can be obtained here on mycyberteller.com with instant pin delivery, by using this link https://mycyberteller.com/nabteb-a-level-novdec-registration.php to make your order online.
  • Where to Buy Nabteb A Level Registration Form?

    NABTEB GCE Registration ePINS for the NABTEB A level examinations can be primarily purchase at any designated NABTEB Offices nationwide as listed below:

    1. NABTEB Zonal Offices in Abuja, Kaduna, Yola, Osogbo, Enugu and Benin City.
    2. NABTEB Liaison Offices at Abuja and Lagos, and NABTEB State Offices Nationwide.
    3. NABTEB National Headquarters, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City, Edo State.

    Nabteb A Level Registration Form can instantly be bought online at mycyberteller.com with swift delivery response. mycyberteller.com operates a digital payment system that enables you to buy NABTEB ePINS at any time with speedy delivery without going to Nabteb office in search for Nabteb GCE cards.
  • How to get Assistant for NABTEB GCE Examinations?

    If you want to get Assistant during the NABTEB (Registration) or you want our technical support for NABTEB examinations, It is better to buy it from our platform on mycyberteller.com/nabteb-a-level-novdec-registration.php. NABTEB Gce Form purchased from us comes with high Guarantee and assurance of customer satisfaction. Besides, you will not have to stay at the long Queue in thr bank to buy the Nabteb a Level Gce form. Again, the challange of transportation fair to and fro the bank. Finally, mycyberteller.com is Risk Hazard Free; mycyberteller.com is a trusted partner with NABTEB, WAEC, NECO for more than 5years. All our customers both individual candidates or cybercafe operators are always joyful patronising our services because they get the best from us.
  • NABTEB A Level Registration Closing Date

    NABTEB A Level GCE registration is still ongoing, and the interested candidates are advised to register now in order to avoid late registration. So if you are wondering when the NABTEB A Level form will be closing, the precise date of the closing of NABTEB A Level Gce Form has not been determined. Candidates are advised to continue to purchase their NABTEB A Level Gce Form now before the close of the NABTEB Registration execercise.
  • Why NABTEB A LEVEL Is Better Than NABTEB O Level?

    It is worthy to note that before JAMB UTME came into existence, NABTEB A Level was only the tool used to access student academic performance before admission is offered to study in the university. Many of our numerous academic scholars used Nabteb A-Level result to secure admission to the university in the early days. The same problem facing other sectors in Nigeria have a huge effect on Nigeria education sector, hence, you find few people that only know little about NABTEB A Level.
  • Advantages of NABTEB A Level over JAMB UTME?

    NABTEB A Level has so many advantages over JAMB UTME beyond all reasonable doubt with the following points:

    1. You can use NABTEB A Level Certificate over and over again
    2. NABTEB A Level Result takes 7 years before expiry, unlike JAMB result that expire within one year
    3. You have more advantages of being admitted unlike those used JAMB since NABTEB A Level students are very fewer in ratio
    4. NABTEB A-Level Guarantee first-hand university experience before gaining admission fully into any university of your choice
    5. You can still be doing the NABTEB A'Level programme and apply for JAMB Utme for those that want to kill two birds with a stone
    6. With NABTEB A-Level GCE you will have 3years to complete undergraduate degree course, not four years like others who used JAMB Utme

  • NABTEB Subjects And A-Level Courses

    This is the NABTEB A Level Subject Combinations and their Possible Undergraduate Courses. NABTEB A Level will allow you to choose three courses/subjects that are related to what you want to study in the university of your choice. The highest point for each course is five(5) points, which is denoted by A. That is, all the three courses will have fifteen (15) points in total, with an addition of one (1) if in the three courses/subjects you don’t have F (fail) which stands for 0 points. Making a total of sixteen points (16) altogether.
  • NABTEB A Level Points and NABTEB A-Level Grading System

    A Good NABTEB A Level Result must have a minimum of 5 points in total, that is EDE stands for (1+2+1) which is five (5) points. This is to say that NABTEB A Level programme requires a brilliant student with a determined heart who is ready to sacrificed time and energy to study his/her books.

    A = 5 courses/subjects
    B = 4 points
    C = 3 points
    D = 2 points
    E = 1 points
    F = 0 points