How to Check NECO Results

  1. Visit
  2. Select your Exam year
  3. Select your Exam type
  4. Enter your NECO Checker Epin
  5. Enter Your Registration number
  6. Finally, Click on "Check Result" button

Can I Use One NECO Checker to check Two Result ?

No, you can not use one NECO Result Card to check two result. A NECO Scratch Card can only to be associated to one candidate’s unique exam number
and each NECO Result Voucher cannot be used more than 5 times to view one candidate’s result.

Can I Purchase Neco Scratch Card online ?

Yes, We sell original NECO Result Checker at the most affordable price at, Order now and get your Neco ePin delivered instantly. Just Navigate to to purchase your NECO Scratch Card online.

NECO Scratch Card Purchase

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How to Buy NECO Checker Scratch Card Online

Follow the steps below to Purchase Neco Result Checker epin:
  1. Goto
  3. Select the quantity you need
  4. Enter your name and other details
  5. Choose your Payment Method,e.g ATM, Transfer, USSD.
  6. Complete payment and instantly your Neco PIN is delivered

How To Check your NECO Result Online

  • To check your result after purchasing your Neco Result Checker, Go to NECO result checking portal at
    1. Select year of examination
    2. Select your Examination Type
    3. Enter your NECO Card PIN number
    4. Enter your Examination Number
    5. Click on "Check My Result" button

  • If you have any questions buying NECO Result Epin, kindly drop a chat/sms on our helplines 08036240369, 08124046686. We will be glad to assist you with your NECO Checker purchase because, we care about your success. Honestly, Candidates do not require stress to check their Neco Result, just buy a Neco Scratch Card token from us at and enjoy quality peace of mind.
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    • What Is NECO Result Checker e-PIN Voucher ?

      The NECO Result Checker e-PIN Voucher stands for Electronic Personal Identification Number. It is a unique 12-digit number that is used to check Neco Result. The NECO Result Voucher enables a candidate to have direct access to their results via multiple channels. The NECO Result Checker e-PIN is found in a valid Voucher which can be purchased online at at the best price in Nigeria
    • Where to Buy NECO Result Checker Pin

      The NECO Result Checker Pin may be purchased at the National Headquarters of NECO in Minna, or any of its Zonal and Branch Offices across Nigeria. From time to time it may become available at any other outlets so designated and license by NECO. The reviewed price for the NECO Scratch Card e-PIN is now ₦1,000.00. You can buy your NECO scratch cards online at at a very good rate.
    • How Can I Buy NECO Scratch Card with Bank transfer ?

      1. Visit
      2. Click on "NECO Checker Scratch Card"
      3. Click on Order Via WhatsApp button
      4. You'll be redirected to our WhatsApp Chat Sales Centre
      5. Our Company account details will be given to you for bank transfer
      6. Once payment is confirmed, you'll receive your Neco Checker immediately.
    • Where Can I get the NECO Scratch Card in Abuja ?

      The easiest place to get NECO Scratch Card Pin in Abuja or Lagos from the comfort of your home or office is, Just log on to, place your order online and get instant pin delivery in less than 30sec.
    • Why Is NECO Result Checker Important ?

      It is very important to know that NECO Result Checker is used for checking NECO Results online. The NECO Checker is a plastic card with a scratch patch on the reverse side that conceals a 12 digit Token PIN number used for checking NECO Results.
    • What is the Difference between NECO Scratch Card and NECO Result Token ?

      There's actually no difference. A NECO Scratch Card works like a NECO Result Checker and same as a NECO Result Token. The truth be told, all of them uses the same NECO Result Checking Portal
    • In What Other Ways Can I Buy NECO Scratch Card online ?

      Apart from Buying NECO Scratch Card from NECO Zonal and Branch Offices across Nigeria, the NECO Checker Pin can be purchased online at, Another reliable channels to buy your NECO Scratch Cards via this WhatsApp link below

      "Buy NECO Scratch Card"

      Another authentic way to purchase NECO Result Checker is by Sending SMS or via PhoneCall to our client service carelines: 08036240369, 08124046686, Morealso, you can E-mail us at;, and We will reply you with your Neco Card Pin.
    • I have Being trying to Buy NECO Scratch Card but the Webpage is not loading...

      If you are unable to purchase NECO Scratch Card directly from our website, you can get in touch with us via Call/Sms/WhatsApp: 08036240369, 08124046686. It is cheaper, faster, and stress free to buy NECO Scratch Card Token from our WhatsApp Channel. It helps you save your time and convenience compared to the time taken to go online, which is also great and fantastic.
    • Where To Buy NECO Scratch Card Online

      The Best place to buy Genuine NECO Scratch Card is We offer the best deals on NECO Scratch Card with the most affordable price guarantee and 100% Customer satisfaction. Transactions on are 100% Safe, Trusted, Quick and Smooth with No hidden Charges attached.
    • Is Neco Result 2022 Out ?

      No, the NECO Results 2022 has not been released. All the information and instructions needed to check 2022 NECO Results can be found here. This article has been published with the sole purpose of helping candidates who wrote the NECO exams on how to check their results.
    • What is the Most Convenient way to Buy NECO Scratch Card ?

      Answer is the most convenient way to buy NECO Scratch Card online. We offer rapid instant pin delivery to our customers online. Once your payment is successful your Neco Result Checker is released instantly, which can be use to check your result via NECO Results system (
    • Two Easy Steps to Buy NECO Result Checker pin

      NECO Scratch Card Tokens can be purchase online in two easy steps:

      1a. By purchasing the NECO Scratch Card Pin as a guest without signing up
      1b. This method does not require creating an account with us
      1c. Just follow the link

      2a. By creating an account on
      2b. login and fund your ewallet and then generate your Neco Result ePin/token

      Any of the step will deliver your your NECO Epin immediately.